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Chaince Labs
As a non-profit organization focusing on EOS DApps, Chaince Labs aims to provide necessary help to superior DApps team around the world, continuously helping EOS ecology develop.
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Chaince Labs supports partners in

Project Listing Audit

The independent audit department of Chaince conducts audits for qualified key projects, helping high-quality projects to stand out from the crowd.

Support of EOS Resources

Chaince Labs provides support for EOS resources including RAM, CPU and NET to support program testing of qualified projects, smart contract operations and EOS main network airdrops.

Token Mechanism Consulting Services

With rich project review experience, Chaince Labs is able to provide consulting services for comprehensive token incentive and distribution mechanism.

Market Promotion Support

Based on integrated global media in industry and our own promotion channels, Chaince Labs is able to provide a full range of international marketing support.

Technical Guidance

Chaince Labs provides a full range of code auditing and R&D support for the Dapp teams to connect with senior technical teams.

Resource Docking

Chaince Labs will connect projects with ecological partners including project incubation, media information, wallets, communities, nodes, etc., sharing resources, and concentrating the professional strength of EOS ecology.