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EOS Full-Ecological Exchange

Get extra airdrop on centralized module

For new users, you can choose to register the centralized account, and enjoy the EOS mainnet airdrop while you have more extra airdrop surprises.

Enjoy speed trading on decentralized wallet

Wallet enthusiasts can participate in transactions through the Chaince wallet portal, without registration and authentication, without deposit and withdrawal.

Shared trading depth, excellent fluidity

Centralization and decentralization combine to share depth. “Shared Depth” is the original trading service of the Chaince platform in the industry, and the trading liquidity of Chaince platform will reach new heights.

Mainnet & side chain multi-currency cross-chain trading

As an EOS Full-Ecological Exchange, Chaince users can trade in multiple currencies across the chain without missing a valuable investment.

Full coverage of mainnet resource RAM, stake

As an EOS ecosystem and the first exchange to support real-time RAM transactions, Chaince will cover all resources of the EOS mainnet in the future to provide users with the most convenient services.

Support mainstream currency transactions such as BTC/ETH

In order to meet the various needs of users, Chaince also supports transactions in mainstream currencies such as BTC and ETH.

We will continue to provide users with high-quality service.