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Important Note for CET Equity

As the token for Chaince platform, CET is an important bridge between the platform and users, and an important carrier for sharing industry dividends with users.

Hereby, Chaince is grateful to every user for their active support and trust in CET.

We will continue to actively evaluate and fully consider CET benefits to provide CET holders with a richer and more reliable user interest.

Chaince Team

CET Equity

Regular Platform Repurchasement

51% of current EOS fee income charged by Chaince platform and 51% of EOS fee income in the decentralized trading module of Q1 in 2019 will be used to repurchase CET.The repurchased CET will be permanently locked in the 「cetunderlocks」address. As the fee increases, the amount of CET locked-up will gradually increase. You can follow CET repo in a block browser.

Note: EOS fee income is the EOS token one-way fee for all EOS trading pairs.

Additional Airdrop Tokens

In order to share the EOS project achievement with CET long-term holders, Chaince will spare no effort to secure more airdrop rights for CET long-term holders and will distribute additional project airdrop awards in various forms (eg 'Hold CET Win PUB', 'Hold CET Airdrop More EOSISH'). In terms of project activities, more activities and generous rewards will be designed for CET long-term holders.

Rich Project Rewards

Chaince activities will introduce “fun design” with interest and knowledge, so that you can understand the basic knowledge of the project, and win the reward package (including and not limited to token rewards, account rights rewards, priority experience project services, etc.) tailored by the project party and the company through various forms of activities (only for CET holders).

Account Achievement System

The new Account Achievement System allows CET holders to accumulate account experience values in a variety of ways and enjoy more new services with experience points. Redefine the account achievement system to make every login and every transaction more meaningful.

CET Surprise Always happens!

Stay tuned for more CET benefits.