Important Risk Warning

1. Airdrop Markets means that the trading pairs are only opened for a limited period. When the deadline is reached, the trading pair is automatically closed. Please pay attention to the announcements and market trends.

2. Please write the right Memo when you deposit & withdraw. You will be responsible for the loss of your asset if you fail to deposit & withdraw correctly(e.g. forget filling in Memo or fill in an incorrect Memo).

3. Airdrop Markets trading is a high-risk investment activity. Please invest rationally and avoid following the trend.

4. Chaince reserves the right of the final interpretation of the rules of the Airdrop Markets.

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A Superior Blockchain Asset Trading Platform Focusing on EOS Projects

Annoucement of Token Transfer to EOS Mainnet and Related Issues will be migrated from the Ethereum network to the EOS mainnet.To better serve our users, we are glad to announce that Chaince will launch the token automatic transfer function and enable MEET/EOS trading pairs.Detailed schedule regarding to deposit, withdrawal as below: August 1st 04:00- August 7th 04:00 : Deposit & Withdrawal of which based on ERC20 is openAugust 7th 04:00 : tokens in Chaince automatically complete transferAugust 7th 10:00 : Deposit & Withdrawal of which based on EOS Mainnet is openAugust 8th 04:00: Launch Meet ('s Token) / EOS Trade Pair Details are as follows: The date of deposit & withdrawal of which based on ECR20 August 1st, 04:00 - August 7th, 04:00, Chaince will airdrop the to the users in the platform proportionally. For the convenience of users, you can deposit & withdraw the based on ERC20. August 7th, 04:00, the token in Chaince will be snapshotted, and 1:1 will be replaced by the based on the EOS Mainnet. After 04:00 on August 7th, Chaince will no longer accept the deposit of the based on the ERC20 (if there is any misdeposit, it will not enter your assets and cannot be retrieved), please aviod such problems. The date of deposit & withdrawal of which based on EOS Mainnet On August 7th, at 10:00 ,Chaince will open the deposit & withdrawal of which based on EOS Mainnet. And open the countdown of Meet/EOS trade pair at the same time.  At the begining of the countdown, you can enter the [Exchange] page, and freely place sell orders before the transaction is officially launched. You get a sense on market price trends in advance and reduce investment risks. When the countdown in the [Exchange] page to 00:00:00 (the transaction is officially launched), the pending order will be valid in the first time and enter the trading zone for trading (the transaction time depending on the actual situation) If you want to cancel an order, please do it before the trade pair is officially launched, to avoid affecting your asset allocation. The date of Meet/EOS trade pair offcially launchedOn August 8th, at 04:00, the Meet/EOS trade pair will be officially launched. You can make investment transactions according to your own willings. More ActivitiesTo better serve our users, we are glad to announce that Chaince will launch the token automatic transfer function and enable MEET/EOS trading pairs.View more :   "Chaince launches MEET.ONE" Activities Details Note:1. UTC timezone is used.2. Chaince does not endorse price and project guarantee for any projects. Please decide carefully whether to participate in the transaction regarding your own actual situations, such as level of risk tolerance, and allocate your assets accordingly. ChainceJuly 29th,2018  
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Chaince launches the RAM Real-time Trading In Blockchain
As a superior blockchain asset trading platform focusing on EOS projects, Chaince always researches the system of EOS and launches the functions users most require. After ensuring the feasibility of RAM trading on blockchain, Chaince recently launched RAM trading to meet the needs of users. Please understand fully the RAM trading mechanism and read the following important tips before deciding whether to buy or not.The transaction of buying and selling of RAM will consume about 0.5% of the total transaction value as a trading fee. This part of the fee belongs to the on-chain cost, Chaince will not charge any additional fees. To verify the transparency of the transaction, you can check the TxID displayed on the page, after buying and selling RAM.The depositing & withdrawing of EOS is smooth. Chaince will continue to provide you with the best service.   ChainceJuly, 9th, 2018
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Chaince launches CET/EOS trading pair
Chaince launches CET/EOS trading pair officially at UTC+8, July 1st, Beijing time, 12:00 am, thanks for your supporting ! To ensure users can enjoy the fair and transparent transaction services, Chaince pioneered the transparent standards for tokens -- Before opening the tading pairs, its deposit and withdrawals will be opened at least 24 hours in advance. At the same time, the exchange interface will open the token counting down.Users can complete the deposit in advance and participate in the transaction at the first time. After finish the airdrop of CET (UTC+8, June 28th), Chaince has maken an announcement to illustrate the time of deposit and withdraw, and start the function of【transfer】that can transfer all the CET that youe finished the task in "Wool Hat" to your【Assets】to do related operations conveniently. And Chaince open CET/EOS trading pair at UTC+8, July 1st, Beijing time, 12:00 am. More CET trading pairs will be opened, please look forward to ! ChainceJuly 1st,2018    
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